Top 20 most expensive suburbs in Sydney

Here is a list of 19 of the top 20 most expensive suburbs in Sydney:-

Properties in these suburbs may all be suitable for a 1%+gst auction campaign.

The eastern Suburbs in Sydney are where the most expensive homes are in Australia.

1 Point Piper, near the water, 4 km from Sydney and average price of over $7.3 million
2 Watsons Bay, near the water, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $6.4 million
3 Centennial Park 4 km from the city and average price over $5.2m
4 Woolwich NSW, near the water, 4 km from Sydney and average price of over $4.6 million
5 Darling Point, near the water, 3 km from Sydney and average price of over $4.2 million
6 Henley, near the water, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $3.4 million
7 Vaucluse, near the water, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $3.2 million
8 Bellevue Hill, near the water, 5 km from Sydney and average price of over $3.1 million
9 Double Bay, near the water, 3 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.8 million
10 Tamarama, near the water, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.7 million
11 Dover Heights, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.6 million
12 Rose Bay NSW, near the water, 6 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.3 million
13 Lavender Bay, near the water, 3 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.3 million
14 Palm Beach, near the water, 31 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.1 million
15 Cremorne Point, near the water, 3 km from Sydney and average price of over $2.1 million
16 Mosman, near the water, 5 km from Sydney and average price of over $2 million
17 Longueville, near the water, 6 km from Sydney and average price of over $2 million
18 Linley Point, near the water, 7 km from Sydney and average price of over $2 million
19 Bronte, near the water, 6 km from Sydney and average price of over $2 million

Source:RP Data

From the above, it should be clear that Sydney’s most expensive properties are generally in  the Eastern Suburbs, close to both water and the city.

Many of these million dollar homes have million plus home loans on them.

Million dollar homes

Recently we have started to get enquiry for properties over $1 million.

At first we were unsure why this was happening and now it has become apparent why this trend is continuing.

One of our recent enquiries had an estimated selling price of $3m.  At $3m this is defined as a premium property by NSW OSR. Premium properties mean the purchaser is also liable for premium property duty. In regards to the vendor, the prospective vendor clearly stated that the other real estate agents had quoted a minimum real estate commission of  2.2% This meant at the end of the day the vendor was going to receive a hefty bill of $66,000.


No matter what spin was put on it, in anyone’s eyes this is indeed a hefty bill and a large amount of money.  Vendors tend  to forget there will still be a bill payable even though it may be weeks down the track. The prospective vendor was a retiree and wanted to save on real estate commission and still have the property marketed professionally. This would mean a saving of at least $33,000 in real estate commission that the vendor would’n’t have to pay.

So whats the moral of the story?

Many of these million dollar homes have million plus home loans on them. With a prestige property the numbers are large every way you look.

The larger the prestige property or premium property, the more the saving in real estate commission. The saving on real estate commission when selling prestige properties is huge.

Remember, at the end of the day you may receive a hefty bill if you sign with a normal real estate agent and your prestige property is worth over a $1 million.

Have a look at the car your prospective real estate agent is driving and ask yourself these questions?

Whose paying for that car and will it really help with the sale of your million dollar property?

Perhaps a humble real estate agent with just a normal well presented clean car who markets your property professionally, including professional photography may get the job done just as well for far less commission.

And remember if you really decide a Sydney prestige property auction campaign is the way to go then this is also possible, and again the real estate commission will only be 1% plus gst plus the auction campaign marketing.


Gosford Shire and Wyong Shire

Real estate on the NSW Central Coast.

Since we have introduced a minimum real estate list price of $640,000 in Sydney we have seen the average list price increase and homes above this price our now clearly our target in the Sydney real estate market.

However, there are still many real estate vendors on Sydney’s NSW central coast who wish to list below this price. The good news is we are now able to accommodate these real estate vendors. We have been approached by a licensed real estate agent on the central coast who is now prepared to waive the minimum listing price.  This licensed real estate agent has extensive real estate experience on the coast.

We are happy to pass your details on to this real estate agent even if your list price is going to be below $640,000.  So why are we doing this? Because our mantra has always been to support the small independent licensed real estate agent.


So if you are thinking of selling on the NSW Central coast and your real estate listing price is below $640,000 then please contact us and we still may be able to get someone to help you save some real estate commission.


2013 Real Estate predictions

As we begin 2013 we were unsure as to how the New Year was going to begin in Sydney. Having already received enquiry on New Year’s day, it appears this year will be even larger than last year.

Further, we are now seeing that the average listing price is way above the $640,000 minimum price. This is further confirmation that by instituting a minimum price, this service is not about being “cheap”. With the general tightening in the economy, it appears people are not so much looking for a cheap agent they are looking for, more value for their money when hiring a real estate agent.

A professional agent, using professional photography and professional marketing for a low real estate commission.

Vendors with expensive properties  are now perceiving this service as being about a low commission real estate agent, providing outstanding value.

So where do we see 2013 heading.  With the economy still slow, and America treading water it is hard to see how the property market will recover in the near future. In 2012  The  Reserve bank has cut interest rates six times since Nov 2011 and yet the economy is still sluggish. To further compound things 2013 is an election year. It is hard to see there being any improvement in property prices in the near future until at least the election is out of the way.

So our prediction for real estate for 2013 is more of the same. Slowly, slowly!!!

Having said that our prediction for ourselves is we will have a bumper year. When times are a little bit tougher people always look for more value for their money.

For Sale by Owner

Since the early days of the internet there have been a number of sites that have encouraged prospective vendors to sell for themselves (For sale by owner).

Historically they have been a very small percentage of the real estate market. One of the main draw backs with these sites were the properties were only listed on sites that were not major. However, recently has allowed these for sale by owner sites to list their properties on the website. This has now meant that the for sale by owner can now advertise on the same real estate site that the leading agents used. In light of this it would not be surprising to now see a real growth in the number of sites offering for sale by owner services. Services such as no agent, zero agent, private seller, sell my house, and sell your own home are some of the slogans that are currently being used.

Of course for sale by owner is all legal, as a registered property owner is allowed to sell their own property. it would appear the main reason these vendors are selling themselves is they want to save real estate commission

As a for sale by owner there may be a saving on commission, however there may be other factors that offset this.

Do buyers have a perception that they will buy cheaper from an owner?

Is the property being marketed in its best light, including professional photography?

Are owners skilled negotiators?

Contrast this with a full commission real estate agent charging large fees and charges.

Weighing up the above, the one percent plus gst proposition has been about being in the middle when it comes to selling a property.

We believe using a combination of professional marketing, including professional photography, online marketing and using a skilled negotiator for a low commission is a very attractive way for a prospective vendor to sell their property.


Mobile Phones

The real estate landscape is constantly changing.

Why do we believe the internet is now so important in the marketing of a property?

The strong presence that real estate portals such as, play in the marketing of a property is now unquestioned.  The shear volume of traffic coming to these internet sites is evidence in itself of how powerful they have become.

As we have seen the internet mature, we are now starting to see the next phase of  internet marketing play out. Historically, searches for property on these real estate portals have been through desktop and fixed computers. This is now starting to change.

Mobile devices are now being used more and more to search for property on the web. These mobile devices include ipads, iphones, android phones and android tablets. It is now estimated approx 25% of internet property searches are done by mobile devices.

This segment of internet search is now so important that both and have separate  mobile internet sites. Further, all the major real estate players now have mobile phone apps.

In summary, the internet has undoubtedly changed the way real estate is marketed, however the changes you have seen so far are only the start. As Generation Ys grow older and older, the trend to mobile search will increase and pace of change of internet marketing itself will also increase.


Commercial real estate agents Sydney

If your are looking for a commercial real estate agent in Sydney?

The same successful real estate commission and marketing package available to residential is now available to commercial property vendors in Sydney.

What type of commercial properties are suitable?

1/ The commercial property must be located anywhere in metropolitan Sydney

2/ It must be commercial

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Bulky Goods
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings

3/ The minimum list price must be  $640,000

How much does it cost?

It is very simple and easy. It’s the same as the residential package.

There are two parts:-

1/ Commission

2/ Marketing


1/ Commission

One Percent plus gst of sale price real estate commission, plus

2/ Marketing. A choice of Bricks and Clicks Marketing packages:-

a). Pre-paid Marketing Package $990 (Inclusive of gst), or

b). Tailored Marketing Package,


c) AUCTION Marketing campaign.

Your Agent will be available to discuss your commercial marketing choices and advise you on which commercial package best suits your situation.

It’s that easy!

So if  you are thinking of selling your commercial real estate in Sydney please call us.

Minimum listing price $700,000

Why has a minimum listing price been introduced?

We have now been going several years, and have been pleasantly surprised at the response we have had from vendors. Thank you to all who have supported us this far.

Properties sold though a one percent agent have ranged from small investment units through to Annangrove luxury acreage.

After analysing past data it is now about efficiencies and time management.

By introducing a minimum list price of $640,00 it enables a one percent agent to be more efficient with their time.

It will also be beneficial to the vendors. A vendor selling a property for $700,000 will save substantially more than a vendor selling a small investment unit for $350,000.

This also fits in with our marketing strategy.  A one percent agent has never been about being a discount agent or cheap agent. The proposition has always been to provide outstanding value and service for a set 1.1% commission rate plus marketing.

Auction Campaign

We have been asked about if it is possible to do an auction campaign under the one percent commission rate.

The answer is now Yes and this is how it works.

If you choose to go down this path then it is fairly simple. It is normal for vendors to get more than one agent in when they are considering selling their property. In light of this if you have been offered a marketing campaign by another real estate agent and would like to sell your property with that Auction campaign, then a one percent agent is prepared to considering matching that campaign, however the sales commission will only be 1.1%

Of course, the marketing expense should be the same, the major difference being instead of paying 2-3% real estate commission plus marketing, you will only pay 1.1% real estate commission plus marketing.

It is important to note that with auction campaigns there will be an up front marketing cost.

As always the campaign is across metropolitan Sydney and will use professional photography.

Real estate auctions Sydney