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1) 1%+gst real estate commission to sell your property by a registered real estate agent
2) Professional Photography & Marketing Campaign
3) Listed on realestate.com.au
4) A Professional Photosign out the front of your property
5) Open Homes
6) Auction or normal sale.
7) Personal and Professional Service.

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Note:- the minimum list price in Sydney is now $1m

2) A registered real estate agent will contact you within 24 hours to see if a 1%+gst real estate commission is for you*

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How can it be done so cheaply and yet be so professional?

Most real estate companies are always looking for more work. Real estate agents spend a lot of  time on agent self promotion. By supplying the real estate agents with leads, the agents have less marketing costs and more time. The property seller leads that are supplied to the real estate agents are on top of their normal business.

Prospective Sellers are aware the total cost to the seller will be only 1%+gst real estate commission plus marketing for a normal real estate sale. Further these efficiencies in both time and cost mean the vendor’s property can now be marketed professionally including professional photography, to present the property in the best possible light.

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Why is the real estate commission only 1%+gst?

In a nutshell it is so vendors get outstanding value when they sell their property. It really it is that simple.

We are not sure how real estate agents are able to justify some of the high real estate commissions that are currently being charged.

Is there a connection between selling price and the value of service a real estate agent provides?

When a agent is suggested by 1%+gst, the seller knows exactly how much they are going to be charged in real estate commission.

Real Estate Auction or normal sale?

This is a common question. The best person to help you answer this is the property specialist who is going to help you sell your property.

Here is an overview of both methods. With either method the real estate commission is still only 1%=gst.


With an auction, the property is put up for sale at a set place, at set date and time of the day. The auction date is what everyone works to. The auction may be conducted on site or in an auction room. Some agents prefer on site auctions as it keeps the actual property front and mind for the purchaser.

Auctions are public events where the bids are made in public.

The highest bidder buys the property, as long as the vendors reserve price has been met. This reserve is not made public before the start of the auction.

During an auction, once the reserve has been met, the auctioneer can “knock down” the property which is normally indicated by the fall of the hammer.

Once the property is sold the purchaser will be required to pay the 10% deposit.

The real estate commission for an auction programme is 1%+gst.

The advantages of an auction are they create a sense of urgency, and most importantly there can be competition between buyers which can drive up the price.

The disadvantage of auctions, are they may be stressful for both buyers and sellers. especially if he property may not sell on auction day.

The major disadvantage is conditional buyers are excluded.


Normal Sale (Selling at an advertised price or by negotiation)

An agreed selling price is worked out between the vendor and the real estate agent. This is the price the property is marketed at.

A property may also be for sale by negotiation.

Buyer Enquiry Over (BEO) or Buyer Budget Over (BBO) or price guide.

The seller advertises the property and receives offers from buyers. These offers may be conditional on title search, finance etc..The seller then accepts an offer and the buyer pays a deposit.  Once all the conditions are met the sale then goes unconditional. Property settlement occurs and the remainder of the purchase price is paid.

The advantage of normal sales are there is much more flexibility and less pressure. The disadvantage is there is a fixed maximum asking price and there may be no urgency with the buyers.

The real estate commission for normal sale is 1%+gst.


Why is the real estate commission so cheap?

Real estate agents understand their costs for marketing and selling properties. The question then becomes what is a realistic profit?

Each agent has a different answer to this.

If agents are able to lower their overheads, then this saving can be passed on to the property sellers and a realistic profit still maintained.

It is common knowledge that house prices are determined by a variety of factors such as what similar properties have sold for recently (often called comparable sales), how many properties are for sale, and current pricing trends. Of course there are also many other factors such as interest rates, property condition, location etc that affect value.

The property marketplace (buyers and sellers) decide what your property is worth. This has no bearing on how much you pay a real estate agent in real estate commission. Once this is established, then what you are paying for is the real estate agents professional service and negotiating skills.

On this basis, if your property can be sold for the highest price possible and the agent received a realistic fee for their services then everyone would be happy!

Professional Real Estate Marketing

A real estate agent’s primary goal is to achieve the best possible price for your property.

In order to do this, a property should be marketed professionally.

Normally the property will be decluttered first.  After this, professional photography must be used. Professional photography is not optional. The property has to be presented in the best possible light, remembering that the goal is to make your home stand out from the competition. The photos should generate more interest, so you create more enquiry. More enquiry, normally means more buyers, that should translate to a higher price.

As part of the marketing, the agent will place a photo sign out the front of your property. Again, this is to showcase your home.


Professional Real Estate Agents

When we suggest a real estate agent to you, the agent must satisfy certain criteria. Of course it goes without saying the real estate agent, even though they are selling your property for a reduced real estate commission must be fully licensed and in good standing. The agent cannot have been subject to any REINSW decision.

In the first instance, you will always be referred to an experienced agent that will have :-

  • a minimum of 2 years real estate experience.
  • will have personally sold over 20 properties during their real estate career

And most importantly you will only ever be referred to a real estate agency licensee (ie the owner of the business).

Why is dealing with a business owner important? Because instead of just dealing with a sales executive from a large firm, you will be dealing with the owner of the agency who will also give you personalised service.


About 1%+gst

We have seen the internet change the way that most businesses are operated. It has changed both buyer and seller behaviour.

Remember, the days when buyers used to walk around real estate agency windowfronts when they wanted to purchase a property!!!

As well as changing behaviour, it has allowed small businesses to perform better. This increased productivity in both time, communication and cost can be used to your advantage. These saving’s should now be passed on to prospective vendor’s in the form of reduced real estate commissions. Remembering less real estate commission doesn’t necessarily equate to less service.

It is much more than about real estate commission.

Excellent service doesn’t cost anything!

Our proposition is we believe you should be “getting more for less”.

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